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tankbuster40: Update, Hopefully Back online, Don't Know How Long For, FingersCrossed
tankbuster40: Also They ass Hole are coming this Thursday to Hopefully sort out problem Maybe a re Wire.I will Try Gaming Later with Mobile Tethering,
tankbuster40: Hi Guys, Just To let U know I am Having Problems with My Internet ,British Telecom have Got a Outside of The House line fault, SO I'm using my Mobile to Connect to internet.
Mr.West: thank you Tank for your donation
Mr.West: thank you Blue for your donation
Eel: happy birthday mate ! !slo
Mr.West: Happy Birthday CPx4 have a great one.
CPx4: Wow, thank you gents!
tankbuster40: Happy Birthday CPX Have A Great Day
Blue: I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CPx. hope you have a great day and wish you many many more.
goodshepherd: New maps arent anything too special anyway. The one map in particular is just way to huge.
tankbuster40: Thanks blue, that's why my game was crashing so I called it a night
Blue: A series of very large DDoS attacks in Chicago have caused several periods of significant packet loss over the last 15 minutes. As always, we are processing these attacks and taking immediate corrective measures.
Mr.West: Final Stand is up and ready to go.
tankbuster40: Final Stand Is released, 13:30 Uk time 18th Nov
Rango: (to baximus)
Rango: yo dude, 2 wars you were AFK, now you left; just woindering whats up? if you're on an other thats cool, jw whats going on, pls lemme know
tankbuster40: «link»
tankbuster40: BF4 Release Date 18th Nov 2014
Blue: Cool bird, cool sounds «link»
tankbuster40: L'est we forget
tankbuster40: Well put blue
Blue: I wish to give thanks to the armed forces, to those who gave it all so I can be free and say what I want to say, to those who were and are wounded. To the men and woman who step up and fight the evil that oozes from the ground and grinds it back down. It is those special people who keep us safe from the tyrannical extremist. THANK YOU, you are appreciated.
Rango: bax if you see this we have 2 hrs left on a war - go attack!
Blue: Another Obama screw up makes it way to you soon «link»
Blue: Obama's end of the war means «link»
Blue: Should EA look into this and see if they stole their ideas or maybe the other way around «link»
goodshepherd: does anyone still play Titanfall or Skyrim? I want to hate on titanfall for its COD roots and super easy aiming, but Im also liking the game. Dont know if its one that i'd play for long or even get the expansions.
Blue: Guessing game Who am I , before the end of the game say out loud that persons name and see if you guessed right «link»
Baximusprime: Thanks Rango. Requested to Join
Blue: Tales from the far side «link»
Blue: Scottish woman Explained «link»
Rango: its an app btw, not another clan :p
Rango: search 'das' and scroll, the i in Fir has a double dot and so does the o in Boners .. its 'Fear Boners'
Rango: @Bax - hey man I have a nice small Clash Clan I am in with friends, feel free to join - das Fir Boners
Blue: Hey Bax, nice to see you. Sorry life makes it hard to play games, I barely get to game at all.

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