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5kittles: never trust the websites projection of the TS server status, its usually wrong. The TS server rarely has problems and is up virtually 24/7
V3L0C17Y: Evening fellas(and ladies if any are present). I applied to join the group. Look forward to shootin it up with some of ya! tried TS but it says server is down.
Blue: Listen to EA, they know what is best, they give you confidence, they take your money and convert it to Hooker time.
Armorfiend: So my anti-virus is telling me I should disable or uninstall the E-Sonar BF4 plug-in and my system utilities are telling me that the program Battlefield 4 is negatively impacting my system's reliability score. Some days I wonder if I should listen to them. x)
Pepe: We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads. So I'm not fat, I'm just really intelligent and my head couldn't hold any more so it started filling up the rest of me! .....That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Eel: TS came back up about 15 minutes later. weird.
Eel: armor and warbabboon say its broken too - BLUE ??? communicate via here or origin, or battlelog, or hell, join the gameserver and chat there while we start it . . . .
Eel: teamspeak just closed on me, and now cant connect. Can connect to TS "public" so I know its not my internet connection or TS. weird. WESTY BROKE IT !!!!
Mr.West: dam Tankbuster on both
tankbuster40: Watch This «link»
tankbuster40: Watch This
tankbuster40: «link»
Blue: My hats off to the UK guys «link»
tankbuster40: Pepe Broke It Lol
Mr.West: lol
Blue: So we all been wondering what happened to Brian, he is on vacation with has bike. watch the car on the right «link»
Pepe: If it defies all logic and makes very little sense, then it was probably my idea...
Blue: Watch the Stig go bungee jumping Top Gear style «link»
Armorfiend: In their defense, I didn't see where any of those packages were marked fragile. :D
Blue: Fed ex when it has to get there in one piece NOT «link»
Blue: 42 people you won't believe exist, be one of them «link»
SlaughtrHousJak: cant see much in this vid. i made a few small bottles for a podcast. thats my old kitchen i was remodling. all that work, just to buy another house. =/ «link»
SlaughtrHousJak: i built a small still a couple years ago. ive made mash, turned out ok. now i just distill the cheapest vodka and party the same nite.
Rango: I homebrew, and I distill strength in others
SlaughtrHousJak: Pepe.... i am very strong. right now.
Pepe: In wine there is wisdom..In beer there is strength...In water there is Bacteria.......YOU DECIDE!
SlaughtrHousJak: i got titanfall. aint played much tho
Blue: "A gun is kind of like a parachute;
if you need one and don't have one,
you'll probably never need one again"
Armorfiend: @Eel If you get Titanfall, you can just buy the Standard Edition and give it a try. DLC is only $9 per pack or $24.99 for the Season Pass (equivalent of BF Premium) but I don't know what that is in $Aus. I don't think you save any money by buying the Deluxe.
Blue: Reminder for all you who have simpsons tapped out, please clear your board so I can get more friend points
Pepe: Family plays for Texans «link»
stoneyyay: «link»

If you missed out on any of the free steam games ive shared over the week, here! all 5 (really 7+1) grab them here!
Eel: is anyone playing titanfall? is it ok? whaddayareckon? deluxe is on sale for $60 , rrp $100 (aussie prices)
tankbuster40: @Blue, looking Forward To The New Mad Max Looks Good!
Blue: New mad max movie Yeah Baby «link»
Blue: Our Nuclear missiles are being well maintained NOT «link»

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