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Eel: TS came back up about 15 minutes later. weird.
Eel: armor and warbabboon say its broken too - BLUE ??? communicate via here or origin, or battlelog, or hell, join the gameserver and chat there while we start it . . . .
Eel: teamspeak just closed on me, and now cant connect. Can connect to TS "public" so I know its not my internet connection or TS. weird. WESTY BROKE IT !!!!
Mr.West: dam Tankbuster on both
tankbuster40: Watch This «link»
tankbuster40: Watch This
tankbuster40: «link»
Blue: My hats off to the UK guys «link»
tankbuster40: Pepe Broke It Lol
Mr.West: lol
Blue: So we all been wondering what happened to Brian, he is on vacation with has bike. watch the car on the right «link»
Pepe: If it defies all logic and makes very little sense, then it was probably my idea...
Blue: Watch the Stig go bungee jumping Top Gear style «link»
Armorfiend: In their defense, I didn't see where any of those packages were marked fragile. :D
Blue: Fed ex when it has to get there in one piece NOT «link»
Blue: 42 people you won't believe exist, be one of them «link»
SlaughtrHousJak: cant see much in this vid. i made a few small bottles for a podcast. thats my old kitchen i was remodling. all that work, just to buy another house. =/ «link»
SlaughtrHousJak: i built a small still a couple years ago. ive made mash, turned out ok. now i just distill the cheapest vodka and party the same nite.
Rango: I homebrew, and I distill strength in others
SlaughtrHousJak: Pepe.... i am very strong. right now.
Pepe: In wine there is wisdom..In beer there is strength...In water there is Bacteria.......YOU DECIDE!
SlaughtrHousJak: i got titanfall. aint played much tho
Blue: "A gun is kind of like a parachute;
if you need one and don't have one,
you'll probably never need one again"
Armorfiend: @Eel If you get Titanfall, you can just buy the Standard Edition and give it a try. DLC is only $9 per pack or $24.99 for the Season Pass (equivalent of BF Premium) but I don't know what that is in $Aus. I don't think you save any money by buying the Deluxe.
Blue: Reminder for all you who have simpsons tapped out, please clear your board so I can get more friend points
Pepe: Family plays for Texans «link»
stoneyyay: «link»

If you missed out on any of the free steam games ive shared over the week, here! all 5 (really 7+1) grab them here!
Eel: is anyone playing titanfall? is it ok? whaddayareckon? deluxe is on sale for $60 , rrp $100 (aussie prices)
tankbuster40: @Blue, looking Forward To The New Mad Max Looks Good!
Blue: New mad max movie Yeah Baby «link»
Blue: Our Nuclear missiles are being well maintained NOT «link»
SlaughtrHousJak: Yo Eel! hope to get in at some point. time is money, and my kid takes most of my time. weird how that works eh?
SlaughtrHousJak: been playin Hearthstone. great game, esp since my rugrat is a year and a half old. was doin some diablo3 too. add me if anyone wants. SlgtrHousJak#1873
Eel: hiya jack !! good to hear from ya,

BF4? that's so old school, most of us play PEGGLE atm, LOL JOKING !!

talk to ya soon
SlaughtrHousJak: wow. what a heavy time to come back. im so sad.
SlaughtrHousJak: !derr

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