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Blue: I just learned that Lenord nimoy grew up in Boston «link»
Blue: Rest in Peace Leonard, thanks for sharing your life with me «link»
stoneyyay: hehe its definitely not for everyone lol I could see this tech getting nothing but cheaper though!
goodshepherd: very interesting link Stoney. for just $70k.....
stoneyyay: «link»
Blue: Hey lets try this hill with my new snowmobile «link»
Eel: if its the one with a zipper over the mouth, I think westy has it :D
Blue: Happy Friday the 13th,can't seem to find my mask, did one of you take it.
Blue: Get one for your kid to play with «link»
Blue: Our Springfield has made the paper, take that Homer «link»
goodshepherd: LOL, Tank, its Paul the Perv
tankbuster40: goodshepherd,Sounds like Needa
goodshepherd: For a good time and good memories: «link»
Mr.West: You are going to reformat it. I did it too my son laptop and it fix it.
Eel: meh, my internet dropped out again, and when I went to use the laptop again with the tethered phone for internet, the laptop was doing the windows updates/updates failed/reverting updates dance. Its done that for about 2 weeks now, it jut cant seem to install the updates right without falling over, then it waits so many hours and tries again. Dang I hate computers.
See yez round
Eel: sorr I read the message last week, and in my mind I thought it was on the first like normal - so I don't know if i'll be here on "Tuesday"- I cleared the day today for it, so i'll be behind now. See how we go. HEy at least I as EARLY - by 2 days lol. Seeyez
Armorfiend: Tuesday
Eel: hokay, so ze meeting, she is now, or in an hour? :
Eel: yes, cpx, thanks so MUCH !! :D
Mr.West: I think so. Thank you CPx4: for all you do here.
CPx4: Move is complete! Website seems faster to me. What do you think?
CPx4: Beginning our move to a new Web Host now!
Mr.West: lol
Blue: A song about tom brady and his deflated balls «link»
Blue: Great artist «link»
Eel: lol, blue, free teabags for all !!!!
Blue: Old budweiser commercials. «link»
Blue: Blizzard update: GOV says we will get 2 to 3 feet so close everything, shut down the state close the roads , what we got was 2 to 3 inches. Typical way things are, when run by the government.
Blue: Update on where I live, since the snow started to fall last night at 7 pm, I have a whole 2 inches of blizzard snow out there, wind gusts at 20 mph. leave it to the government to screw up a blizzard.
Blue: New Update on blizzard in Mass. government closed the roads.
Eel: hi all,
just noticed our server is ranked "LEET", or 1337 (Elite for us old farts)
Moving went as well as can be expected. Have had the wife up in the roof cabling the PC into the modem, lol - im too big and my knees are giving me trouble, so I just couldn't get in between all the trusses up there - a lot different from our old house, where you could play football up in there.
Lots of jobs to do around the new house, work coming in for mowing too, as its the peak of the season, and a very wet hot season too.
Still waiting for westy to come help mow :(
Catch up soon hopefully.
Cheers :)
Blue: Free windows 10 preview, alpha/beta
Blue: «link»
Blue: It's time to visit your simpsons tapped out city and rest so I can get points.
SlaughtrHousJak: just checkin in. hey. «link»

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