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Baximusprime: Thanks Rango. Requested to Join
Blue: Tales from the far side «link»
Blue: Scottish woman Explained «link»
Rango: its an app btw, not another clan :p
Rango: search 'das' and scroll, the i in Fir has a double dot and so does the o in Boners .. its 'Fear Boners'
Rango: @Bax - hey man I have a nice small Clash Clan I am in with friends, feel free to join - das Fir Boners
Blue: Hey Bax, nice to see you. Sorry life makes it hard to play games, I barely get to game at all.
tankbuster40: @blue, Mr West,Semt You Both a P.M.
tankbuster40: Mr West Can U Come on TS3 pls?
Baximusprime: Anyone here play Hearthstone or Clash of Clans? Looking for some friends on Hearthstone (Baximus#1654) and a new clan for Clash
Blue: It's that time of year again, so cook some popcorn and click the link «link»
Mr.West: @12:30 pm EST the new map is still not out yet.
Blue: I'll take mine in gift certificates please, 10's and 20's
Eel: blue, 25 cents a teabag, id owe THOUSANDS lol :D
Mr.West: thank you Warlock for your donation
Mr.West: thank you Blue for your donation
Blue: US Vs UK ebola «link»
Mr.West: RemoNNE thank you for your donation.
Blue: This Dog is my hero «link»
tankbuster40: @blue Lol
Blue: I'm sorry but this is funny «link»
Blue: And now for the rest of the news «link»
Blue: Alas your demands need to have monetary inclusion, say 25 cents a tea bag
Eel: where is everybody? I DEMAND you guys get on and have a game with me ! :D
Blue: All things bf4 final stand wiki «link»
Blue: Meet Rango at 1:18 «link»
Guest_6080: Cool u tube vid «link»
Blue: Now for a funny one «link»
Blue: Battle tug tank, with battlefield friends narration «link»
Blue: Levelcap tells it like it should be. «link»
tankbuster40: Or Try This «link»
tankbuster40: S5 link «link»
tankbuster40: S5 link,
tankbuster40: Hi Just Thought If Anyone Needs a Manual Fir Samsung Galaxy S5

This is For The European Market I think But Most Stuff Covered In it Should Be Ok

Hope this Helps Anyone
Eel: SKYLER thanks for your donation - please come and join us on teamspeak sometime :)
goodshepherd: «link»

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