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Blue: I would play bf4 if they that. and if they really made an effort to catch them
Armorfiend: It's similar to what Respawn did in Titanfall. sending cheaters to their own server.
Blue: EA you should follow these guys «link»
Mr.West: hi Tankbuster
tankbuster40: Hi all just checking to see is everyone is Still ALIVE
tankbuster40: Your welcome Blue,credit where credits Due
Blue: Well thank you, we as well as you have heros that are just doing there jobs. Nice to hear that though.
tankbuster40: More, The Piece of Shit Who Shot Him and another guy was Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). All I can add is They Didn't Deserve What happened to them. Finally I was a Little Upset about this, And RIP Chris Kyle, He Was A Credit To The U.S.A
tankbuster40: Hi All, I Watched The Movie, American Sniper And Was Very Impressed With what Chris Kyle Done For His Country.
Blue: Here is a useful tool when installing the free software thats full of add-ons «link»
Blue: «link» For your seahawks fans
Mr.West: yep I will take one no worries about parking. lol
Blue: «link» My next vehicle
tankbuster40: We are Hoping For a New Game We Can All Like & Play,
Blue: Doom 3 8 minutes of new game play «link»
Blue: Thanks guys, I had a good day only had to work half of it.
Mr.West: Happy Birthday Blue have a great one.
stoneyyay: Happy birthday Blue!! you ole dog you! hope all is well with the ole gang here!
Blue: This is for real
Blue: Chip Foose is giving away a Chip Foose 2015 Mustang, enter here «link»
Blue: Driving in the UK «link»
AZBrian: hey i have been popping in and out of team speak and noone has been in there for a week what goes on?
Blue: Welcome to March Maddness a must see video «link»
Blue: Your very welcome, glad that you guys can log in now
sasmanuk: hi blue ,thanks for help login worked
Blue: Ahh I remember when I was a kid «link»
Blue: I have yet to hear obama say anything like this. Ronald Regan «link»
Blue: I just learned that Lenord nimoy grew up in Boston «link»
Blue: Rest in Peace Leonard, thanks for sharing your life with me «link»
stoneyyay: hehe its definitely not for everyone lol I could see this tech getting nothing but cheaper though!
goodshepherd: very interesting link Stoney. for just $70k.....
stoneyyay: «link»
Blue: Hey lets try this hill with my new snowmobile «link»
Eel: if its the one with a zipper over the mouth, I think westy has it :D
Blue: Happy Friday the 13th,can't seem to find my mask, did one of you take it.
Blue: Get one for your kid to play with «link»

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