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Blue: New mad max movie Yeah Baby «link»
Blue: Our Nuclear missiles are being well maintained NOT «link»
SlaughtrHousJak: Yo Eel! hope to get in at some point. time is money, and my kid takes most of my time. weird how that works eh?
SlaughtrHousJak: been playin Hearthstone. great game, esp since my rugrat is a year and a half old. was doin some diablo3 too. add me if anyone wants. SlgtrHousJak#1873
Eel: hiya jack !! good to hear from ya,

BF4? that's so old school, most of us play PEGGLE atm, LOL JOKING !!

talk to ya soon
SlaughtrHousJak: wow. what a heavy time to come back. im so sad.
SlaughtrHousJak: !derr
SlaughtrHousJak: oh. well i got 5 xpacks still to DL. =/
SlaughtrHousJak: hey doods. been a wile. just got bf4 premium. mess around a bit, make sure my rig dont burn down. then maybe shoot some bad guys?
Blue: 12 hour days are behind me now, now all I got to do is catch up on all the other stuff I have to do. But Blue will be on soonnnnnnnnnnnn
Blue: No new taxes «link»
Mr.West: I just use my code hammer that I got from Eel. lol
tankbuster40: @ Goodshepherd ,Mr.West Broke It! Lol
goodshepherd: As some of you know, my PSU died last week. Just got a new thermaltake 600w for a good price so I hope to be back up and running soon.
Mr.West: that's good pepe lol
Pepe: «link»
Mr.West: thank you CPx4
CPx4: Saw Eel's donation was missing. Added it in the database.
Blue: It was great gaming with you LittleSpongey, We hope you continue to come on and get to know us all.
Blue: Thank you all for joining in our special day.
Pepe: «link»
Mr.West: This Saturday July 12 @ 3 pm Est until 12 am will Spongey Day The Sever will be renamed in his honor.
Blue: All you bloggers out there copy and paste it in and blog Spongey day
Blue: Memorial game day for DeathSpongey
on July12th, starting at 3 PM EST until 11 PM
In Memory of our fallen hero DeathSpongey
A tribute to Deathspongey AKA Morgan Cole
Blue: Yay back online, computer malfunction, good to be back
stoneyyay: bundlestars is giving away a cd key for a week (2 weeks left!) Dino D day is on the block till Wednesday... U can play as a dinosaur!!
stoneyyay: «link»
5kittles: Happy Independence Day everyone! 'MURICA!
Pepe: July 4th the war of the British against the British and the British lost.
Blue: Thanks for the donation Shep
Blue: Please donate to Morgan Cole memorial fund, Deathspongey was a very special person at H4G
Blue: July 12th Habitat4Gamers will hold a memorial day for Deathpongey, all are welcome to come on teamspeak. The server will be playing the core maps for this day.
Blue: This hear guverment does not make any mistakes and warrents your ransom fer a hundred years. Please call the IRS and ask for the 501C4 program, they will take your information and send you a list of 231 questions, once you return the necessary paper work an illegal immigrant will move into your house with the check made out to you.
Pepe: Blue told me me to call last Tuesday??????
5kittles: LOL blue!
Mr.West: will do

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All donations to Habitat 4 Gamers will go to the Morgan Cole Memeorial Fund until July 15th.  All expenses are publicly available in our Treasurer's Report.

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300.00Pepe/Dually(RIP Spongey)
60.00Tank (RIP Spongey)
200.00Rango - Miss you Spongey

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