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Armorfiend: @Blue redirects are working today.
tankbuster40: Goodshepherd,U Need To Stop Drinking Coffee and Drink Tea For a few Weeks lol
Blue: HAbitat4gamers redirect is missing
goodshepherd: btw, that was my guest post. thought i was logged. didnt drunk i know was I as. LOL
goodshepherd: i got the following error: Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 4530140 of 4530143 bytes in C:\xampp\H4C_htdocs\Gamers\libraries\joomla\cache\controller.php on line 200
tankbuster40: @Blue, Just Watch Ur Link, Oslo fly! maybe They Should of Made one of The Fly's A BF4 Fly Might have Been Really something To Laugh at as we are laughing at Ea. For Fucking are game Up
Blue: when I type in habitat4gamers . com it comes upo with ant find the site
Guest_2140: Thought maybe someone would remember my birthday lol. Getting f'd up with Hart right now on the 7th floor of our hotel. You guys are so missing out lol.
Blue: Now for some lighter side of dark, simply titled FLY «link»
stoneyyay: warning... below post is DARK!
stoneyyay: «link»
Mr.West: thank you Pongo700 for your donation
Mr.West: thank you TankBuster40 for your donation
AZBrian: hello i have come to take over the world
Blue: Men playing jenga «link»
Blue: Biking for old folks «link»
Blue: Got a bit of a laugh out of this «link»
stoneyyay: Twitch channel is pretty much in full swing! Feel free drop by and check it out.
Blue: Thanks for the Donation Mr West
Blue: Thanks for pointing it out. I haven't played BF3 since 4 came out. Been playing Diablo 3 with the new expansion. So far it is good.
stoneyyay: LOL thnx blue for fixing that

Anyone else still playing BF3??? I uninstalled 4 cause its crap...
Mr.West: thank you Blue for your donation
Blue: I don't know what your talking about. Refresh your page.
stoneyyay: we have simple rules:Respect All Players, and Hackers, Cheaters, Players who use racist comments are Banned. Servers are PB enabled and we stream GGC and Metabans, as well as other anti Cheat programs.

Are we trying to encourage respecting hackers/cheater?? pulled this from the platoon BIO lol
Eel: traffic, traffic, traffic :D
stoneyyay: I can DDos us if u want blue xD thats a sure fire way to make it LOOK like we have more traffic!
Blue: We need more traffic on this web site.
Eel: hi brian, been real busy with work and getting our house ready to sell, health also been playing up. teabag yourself for me !! played 2 rounds of the new maps coupla days ago, first gaming in weeks, cheers mate !!
AZBrian: xbox 1 is a joke! just saying!
Baximusprime: add me
Baximusprime: Anyone on Xbox One? My gamertag is Baximusprime19
AZBrian: eal were have you been?
AZBrian: here everyone «link»
Blue: Good News for the 420 crowd «link»
Blue: Another UK short film. «link»
Eel: lol, tank, I agree !! that damn hax spongey lol, lines up 6 guys, puts a bullet right thru the lot. :D

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