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Blue: This is for real
Blue: Chip Foose is giving away a Chip Foose 2015 Mustang, enter here «link»
Blue: Driving in the UK «link»
AZBrian: hey i have been popping in and out of team speak and noone has been in there for a week what goes on?
Blue: Welcome to March Maddness a must see video «link»
Blue: Your very welcome, glad that you guys can log in now
sasmanuk: hi blue ,thanks for help login worked
Blue: Ahh I remember when I was a kid «link»
Blue: I have yet to hear obama say anything like this. Ronald Regan «link»
Blue: I just learned that Lenord nimoy grew up in Boston «link»
Blue: Rest in Peace Leonard, thanks for sharing your life with me «link»
stoneyyay: hehe its definitely not for everyone lol I could see this tech getting nothing but cheaper though!
goodshepherd: very interesting link Stoney. for just $70k.....
stoneyyay: «link»
Blue: Hey lets try this hill with my new snowmobile «link»
Eel: if its the one with a zipper over the mouth, I think westy has it :D
Blue: Happy Friday the 13th,can't seem to find my mask, did one of you take it.
Blue: Get one for your kid to play with «link»
Blue: Our Springfield has made the paper, take that Homer «link»
goodshepherd: LOL, Tank, its Paul the Perv
tankbuster40: goodshepherd,Sounds like Needa
goodshepherd: For a good time and good memories: «link»
Mr.West: You are going to reformat it. I did it too my son laptop and it fix it.
Eel: meh, my internet dropped out again, and when I went to use the laptop again with the tethered phone for internet, the laptop was doing the windows updates/updates failed/reverting updates dance. Its done that for about 2 weeks now, it jut cant seem to install the updates right without falling over, then it waits so many hours and tries again. Dang I hate computers.
See yez round
Eel: sorr I read the message last week, and in my mind I thought it was on the first like normal - so I don't know if i'll be here on "Tuesday"- I cleared the day today for it, so i'll be behind now. See how we go. HEy at least I as EARLY - by 2 days lol. Seeyez
Armorfiend: Tuesday
Eel: hokay, so ze meeting, she is now, or in an hour? :
Eel: yes, cpx, thanks so MUCH !! :D
Mr.West: I think so. Thank you CPx4: for all you do here.
CPx4: Move is complete! Website seems faster to me. What do you think?
CPx4: Beginning our move to a new Web Host now!
Mr.West: lol
Blue: A song about tom brady and his deflated balls «link»
Blue: Great artist «link»
Eel: lol, blue, free teabags for all !!!!
Blue: Old budweiser commercials. «link»

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