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This is a list of current Community Members, maintained by Core Admins, and intended to be a book-keeping record of Members and their levels as they move throughout the H4H community.

Website Name
(& Nicknames)
Current Roles Notes
Arm0rfiend Arm0rfiend Core Admin Gaming News Blogger  
Blue H4H-Blue Core Admin Owner/Operator
Complaints Committee
0ne cool0ne Core Admin  Commissioner  
CPx4 Core Admin Site Developer / CTO   
deathspongey deathspongey Core Admin MapList Committee   
Eel Eel_Aus Core Admin

Deputy assistant

Complaints Committee

Gator GatorC220 Long time Guest    
Goodshepherd goodshepherd Core Admin  Commissioner  
Grey42O Grey42O Core Admin  Reach-around Specialist  
B0DYMAN Core Admin Commissioner  
Mr.West Mr_MD_West Core Admin 


MapList Committee

Pepe Pepe-Dually Core Admin     
ReCoN_SPIKE ?? Core Admin     
SgtHartman aNtSgtHartman Core Admin  Enforcer Commissioner   
Snow sknow Core Admin     
Stoneyyay Stoneyyay  Core Admin  Competition Commissioner  
SweetTweets SweetTweets Core Admin     
tankbuster40 Tankbuster02 Core Admin     
Abacabb Abacabb666      
AZBrian AZBRIAN480 Regular Admin     
barbequelove barbequelove  Regular Admin    
Bibbles0 Bibbles0 Regular Admin     
English Pete pongo700 Regular Admin     
FallenDemon Fa11eNDemoN Regular Admin     
FrankBurns MajorFrankBurns      
Gibberman Gibberman       
G.I Jane G_I_Jayne Regular    
GreyFox82 Reven82 Regular Admin     
HAWKEYE0436 HAWKEYE0436 Regular Admin    
IceWinsAgain IceWinsAgain Regular Admin     
JxpJumper JxpJumper Regular Admin     
LRRP82 LRRP82 Regular Admin     
Pico234 Pico234 Regular    
Plazainc Plazainc Regular    
Rango Rango Regular Admin     
Ramsul Ramsul Regular Admin     
Rivahrat Rivahrat Regular    
Shadowrunner xShadowrunnerx Regular    
ShadowsBan3 ShadowsBan3 Regular    
SlaughtHousJak SlaughtHousJak Regular    
Squid TheSquid44 Regular    
Stealth Stealth2668 Regular    
TAdams TAdams Regular Admin     
DirtyDog   Long-Time Member    
GavinXIII   Long-Time Member    
Hit A Craw   Long-Time Member    
impcfast   Long-Time Member    
Jesse. g   Long-Time Member    
JJ   Long-Time Member    
MuLiNgKo   Long-Time Member    
NWPIA   Long-Time Member    
Supercrock   Long-Time Member    
Trooper   Long-Time Member    
war_mouth   Long-Time Member     
yellowmanKGB   Long-Time Member    
1Bigfoot1   Member     
506camp101   Member     
air*wolff   Member     
AKILLIZ13   Member     
alexloo11   Member     
Alzkill   Member     
Armored   Member     
AzureCore   Member     
Baximusprime   Member     
Bearclaw500   Member    
Biby   Member     
billly   Member     
Blacklotusx   Member     
blackout   Member     
Blitzie   Member     
BLU3CR33D   Member     
Bluto   Member     
Bob002   Member     
BooBJam0   Member     
Boom   Member     
brandonblt   Member     
Bridget the Midget   Member     
BullDogRR   Member     
Caesarthefifth   Member     
Capt Mainwairing   Member     
CartelLord   Member     
casper1960   Member     
CdnPacifist   Member     
Cerin   Member     
ChinaMan   Member     
chocmerc   Member     
Circlestrafe   Member     
Cloven   Member     
Coates   Member     
Col.J3k3L   Member     
ColonelCain   Member     
CptMathews   Member     
ddoublevvision   Member     
de3zy5000   Member     
Death to ya   Member     
Decaine   Member     
Defeated Rob   Member     
Discogodfather   Member     
donvitogwaa   Member     
dookiesquat   Member    4/25/12 - Requested no admin
Dr_T_Sanchez   Member     
Electricman   Member     
Elpablito   Member     
EventheOdds   Member     
f3llyn   Member     
FastHandz   Member     
FatalSylence   Member     
FC44   Member     
fetra   Member     
Foxm27   Member     
FulcrumKGB   Member     
gbvitaobscura GBVita Member    
got ammo?   Member     
gothamknight   Member     
GuitarMaster5001   Member     
Hallucinosis   Member     
hardhat   Member     
hardhatt   Member     
HawkBill666   Member     
hendoggy   Member     
HiFi   Member     
HK308   Member     
Hook-me-up   Member     
Hot Mom   Member     
Infidel   Member     
itsmyfirstday   Member     
J-Ho   Member     
J.St.Clair   Member     
JasmineC   Member     
JColombia   Member     
Jonz   Member     
jpmomo   Member     
JVogt   Member     
Kailoth   Member     
Ken BFBC2   Member     
Keonakana   Member     
KFISCHER   Member     
kolipo   Member     
LawnMower22   Member     
Lighttemp   Member     
lsRslVooDoo   Member     
MadChild   Member     
Makeloven   Member     
Master Mac   Member     
mattamd   Member     
Ma©K[KGB]   Member     
McFligh   Member     
MickyP   Member     
mikeman9022002   Member     
MikhailMetatron   Member     
MOLLY_HATCHET   Member     
NathanB   Member     
Neomis   Member    
NLTT Partic   Member     
NpManiac   Member     
OddBall   Member     
omniint   Member     
Outlaw322   Member     
palandrose   Member     
Passani   Member     
perrynoid   Member     
PGmoney   Member     
Phogue   Member     
Pink   Member     
PiNK_TaCO9o4   Member     
praxxius   Member     
PsydeFX   Member     
pwnorbpwnd pwnorbpwnd Member    
Ramsul   Member     
RAZERb1ast   Member     
RCSelby   Member     
remm2   Member     
rent a soldier   Member     
Rumple   Member     
s-sneed   Member     
sarahb360   Member     
Schmeed   Member     
ScoopsOfMonkey   Member     
scooterman23   Member     
sewerr   Member     
SGNL05   Member     
ShaDoW 520   Member     
siccmade11   Member     
Sikpanzer   Member     
silky sicx slimsicx Member    
skull   Member     
Skullwipe   Member     
SlaughtrHousJak   Member     
SommaBeach   Member     
Soulpunisher   Member     
soup0rman   Member     
souporman   Member     
SPECIEZ   Member     
SPECOPx   Member     
Squirrel_Tamer   Member     
stayflo   Member     
Subz3r0mkt   Member     
TatersMcGee   Member     
tazkat00   Member     
tazzy69   Member     
the86r   Member     
ThE_ReaL_MckoY   Member     
ToeTagger   Member     
creamg1rl creamg1rl / tooschool4kool  Member    
Tony2Arrows   Member     
TreacherousShane   Member     
trig3r   Long Time Member    
UngodlyRif   Member     
valkyriesII   Member     
Vaya_con_Dios   Member    
Vegasflyer   Member     
VirtualDisaster   Member     
war   Member     
weasel01   Member     
Wedge Antillies   Member     
WeToddDid   Member     
wreck   Member     
wzombie   Member     
Zhii   Member     
-SPECIALIST-   Member     
-UoS-StNuckle   Member    
.kurtz   Member     
[HED]Rumple   Member     
[iMPC]Monk   Member     
[MyIS]DAD_23   Member     
{JTF2}Ghost   Member     
Boom Boom   Not Registered
Long-Time Guest
Ma©K[KGB]   Not Registered
Long-Time Guest
trigger   Not Registered
Honored Guest



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Revisions & Updates to this list
2012-02-11 - CPx added Jane, Snow, Bear, Tipless, Fallen, Rango, Nese, Remm, xShadowrunnerx, Silky Sicx / Slim to "Read and Agree" list
2012-02-12 - CPx added Bibbles0, Stealth2668 and AzBrian to "Read and Agree" list
2012-04-07 - CPx added all members who have agreed to the list, and fixed a duplicate with Bumpy/Cabbage.
2012-04-15 - Gator deleted Needa from "Decision-making ability" giving the Cores the rights to make decisions.
2012-04-16 - Gator addedd "deathspongey" as a Core Admin.
2012-04-21 - CPx added Neomis, Gibberman, Plazainc to the list of who agreed
2012-05-06 - CPx added JxpJumper, removed dookiesquat privs (per his request on 04/25/12)
2012-05-18 - CPx added Squid, GreyFox82, FrankBurns, and Pico234
2012-06-25 - CPx removed remm2, Neomis (per Maplist Committee request), added Hawkeye046 and SlaughtrHousJak, changed Azbrian to Azbrian480. Also new format change. Cleaned up output.